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Our ICX implant system is one of the most successful implant systems in Germany today. We are particularly proud that the success of the ICX system is not only due to technical aspects, but is based on the fact that enthusiastic users such as surgeons, prosthodontists and technicians recommend ICX products to each other.


ICX Portfolio

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 "the" complete digital system that seamlessly combines our innovative ICX-MAGELLAN X planning software with guided implant placement and CAD/CAM prosthetic restoration. Everything from a single source - delivered on time for the surgery appointment.

ICX PREFORM abutments

IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING REDEFINED... medentis expands the range of applications in the field of digital fabrication of one-piece, individual titanium and non-precious metal abutments. The different holders for all common milling systems enable the appropriate, optimal and prosthetic restoration to be fabricated easily and safely.

ICX-MAGELLAN X – The implant planning software of the future.

THE DIGITAL ICX WORKFLOW IN IMPLANTOLOGY. 3D solutions for diagnostics and backward planning. Implant safely and/or immediately provide temporary/final restoration. The components of ICX-MAGELLAN are used for template-guided preparation of the implant bed and insertion of ICX implants. Laboratory instruments for converting a planning template into a drilling template Surgical instruments for template-guided, endosteal or periodontally supported implant bed preparation and implant placement


The FAIRE implant system - proven for more than 15 years. ICX implants are available in all standard lengths and diameters for all indications. Discover the ICX difference for your practice and inspire your patients with maximum quality at a more than fair price.

ICX prosthetics overview

Easy to use - clear in handling medentis offers you all the products you need for your prosthetic restorations - simply and clearly. With only two prosthetic lines you cover the entire ICX spectrum.

Customer opinions of our ICX users

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Dr. med. dent. Mohammed Hijazi, Berlin

"I have been relying on the ICX implant system from medentis since 2013. The use and handling is simple and safe. ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID is another innovative step into the future due to the quality and its advantages ."

Dr. med. dent. Asaad Dikou, Lahr/Black Forest

"I have been working with ICX since 2014 and am 100% satisfied with the ICX implant system, the excellent service and the excellent field service. In addition, besides the very good ICX products, I am thrilled by the always free and really fast express shipping of the ordered items."

Dentist Dr. Armin Wörner, Wesseling (Cologne/Bonn)

"Why is 3-D navigated implantation the future? Because it is highly precise on the one hand and highly efficient on the other. The ICX-MAGELLAN X program from medentis makes it very easy to plan implants on the computer. These can then be accurately placed using printed drilling templates. Fast, safe, gentle, stable and super cheap.

GP Dr. Baatz & Baatz, Mönchengladbach

"We've been using ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID for quite a while and it's showing great results!"

Dipl. Stom. Heidi Prutean,Strausberg

"For years, medentis medical has convinced us with its quality products and still manages to surprise us with an innovation like ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID. A new generation of dental implants that we like to use. Not always, but more and more often. ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID not only enables new perspectives, but creates foresight."

Dr. Benjamin Richter, Leipzig

"ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID is a true upgrade to the ICX-ACTIVE MASTER implant and further increases safety during the healing phase."

Dr. Harry Imberg, Gifhorn and Eicklingen

"The reliable ICX implants have been improved here by an extension in the form of the ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID. The handling I have been accustomed to for many years and thus the process flows have remained unchanged. A qualitative improvement of the existing ICX implants has clearly been achieved and, as always, is unbeatable in terms of price/performance ratio compared with other suppliers."

ZA Vapula Haukongo, Munich

"As a satisfied ICX user for several years, I can only confirm all the positive benefits from using the new ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID implant."

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Florian Draenert, Munich

"The ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID is a well thought-out and sensible implant system at a fair price, which is not inferior to SLActive® and Thommen® with hydrophilized tertiary treatment. The system is one of the few that I like and use."