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Our company philosophy is to offer our customers honest and fair prices with maximum quality of our products.

We are an internationally active company with a focus on dental implantology, aesthetic dentistry and CAD/CAM manufactured prosthetics, based in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler near Bonn, Germany. Since 2004 we are the manufacturer of the well-known ICX dental implant system and with the  ICX-denta5 system for patient-specific abutments in more than 40 countries around the world. 

Since then medentis medical with ICX and at a price of 59 euros, has continuously revolutionized the implant market and convinced a wide range of users around the world who appreciate the reliable quality of ICX premium implants. Today the ICX system is one of the most successful implant systems in Germany and has advanced from a popular implant to a real success implant.


From Germany in the whole world.

In Bad Neuenahr / Ahrweiler in Germany, tradition and modernity meet – from home all over the world – values preserve and shape innovations.
We are constantly looking to expand our network of global partners. If you are interested in becoming a part of our ever-growing success, fill in the form and we will get in touch with you soon as possible.
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ICX product news:

The new ICX-ACTIVE-LIQUID implant is here!

The hydrophilic and microstructured implant surface opens up new perspectives.
ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID has a hydrophilic, microstructured surface. The implant surface stored in sterile saline can accelerate the formation of the contact surface between the bone and the implant and can thus provide the implant with growing, secondary stability already in the earliest phase of healing.

Independent test laboratory confirms superhydrophilic surface of ICX-Liquid implants (EN) (697.8 KB)

Increase your treatment competence with ICX-MAGELLAN X…

With ICX-MAGELLAN X, the well-known ICX-Magellan software has been significantly enhanced. Among other things, ICX-MAGELLAN X is now cloud-based and impresses with a completely new user interface, an app-based communication platform and the option to produce your own templates.

Find the ideal implant position taking into account bone quantity and quality, anatomical structures and prosthetic requirements.

The digital master concept for the treatment of your patients

ICX-Imperial…in a SmileBox is the digital master concept for treating your patients. It is based on the implantological experience of the users in combination with three-dimensional data, technical know-how and a computer simulation of the implants including temporary teeth, which already takes place in the run-up to the operation.
From 2 implants – for 2- and 3-unit interdental gaps, free-end situations and up to 12-unit bridges.

ICX-ROYAL® – the new supreme discipline in dental technology.

Our ICX-ROYAL system has been specially developed from experience gained over the past few years with aspects relating to the temporal transformation to digital implant technology. ICX-ROYAL creates a symbiosis between conventional, modern materials and the results of the modern digital implant world.
The new ICX-Royal system offers you a variety of dental materials that come from a single source and are coordinated with each other to produce high-quality dental restorations in an economical, time-saving manner.


IMAGE is not everything …

– but the success of medentis and ICX confirms our reputation as an innovative and FAIR PREMIUM IMPLANT – more and more implant dentists worldwide trust us!

medentis says THANK YOU and will accompany you through the future.

“You can’t buy this seal for any amount of money in the world.” The tenth CleanImplant certificate worldwide went to medentis medical.


Not only the official award of the “Trusted Quality” award by the founder of the CLEAN IMPLANT FOUNDATION Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck to medentis created a lot of press buzz at our booth at the Implant Expo 2019 – also the other innovations and products of ICX attracted a lot of interest and a very good attendance at our ICX booth! Thanks to all!


medentis with the ICX-Premium System in best company!

Show your patients that our ICX Premium System can be trusted.
CleanImplant has tested our ICX Premium System extensively and found it to be excellent! In this way, we help you to protect your patients, improve your clinical results and eliminate substandard implants. 

medentis medical and ICX-Premium – with safety.