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ICX Product News

The latest product innovations and developments from medentis




The ICX-ALL-IN-ONE drills gradually expand the diameter during the surgical procedure and are designed to be used with standard surgical equipment to maintain and compress the bone with counterclockwise rotation (compaction mode) (50-150 rpm) and to precisely cut the bone with clockwise rotation (cutting mode) when needed (800 rpm/pre-drill and 400 rpm/normal drill).

The flattened head design allows for compaction and autografting.

Also available the


ICX-ZYGOMA® – Innovative and individual (available soon)


ICX-ZYGOMA® – by using 2 diameters (3.75/4.1mm) and the matching ICX-MULTI® abutments from 0° to 65° angling.

With both Ø 3.75 and Ø 4.1, the ICX-ZYGOMA® implant system offers you the possibility of a predictable, fixed restoration for edentulous patients with atrophied maxillae.
The use of ICX-ZYGOMA ® implants is intended to simultaneously bypass a large bone augmentation and thus reduce the duration of treatment.

Insert the ICX-MULTI ® as usual in O° (GH 0.0mm 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5mm), 17° or 35° in the gingival heights 0.0mm, 0.5mm, 1.5mm and 3.5mm or now new and individual the ICX-MULTI ® up to 65° angulation and in the individual gingival heights 4.5mm up to 6.0mm.


ICX-SwissBone® – Hybrid bioactive bone replacement material on demand

ICX-SwissBone® is a new hybrid bioactive bone graft substitute specifically designed for bone regeneration in reconstructive surgery.

ICX-SwissBone® is produced by combining a bovine mineral bone matrix with bioactive resorbable polymers and collagen fragments.
This new concept of composite biomaterial promotes rapid growth of the patient’s cells into ICX-SwissBone® while its biopolymers are degraded, allowing perfect integration and osteogenesis.

ICX-SwissBone® is best suited for:

  • Regeneration of periodontal bone defects Regeneration of extraction sockets
  • Regeneration of cavities between the alveolar wall and the immediate implants
  • Horizontal ridge augmentation
  • Sinus floor lift
  • Ridge augmentation at implant sites with sufficient residual bone and good blood supply

ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID: The hydrophilic and microstructured implant surface opens up new perspectives.

ICX-ACTIVE LIQUID has a hydrophilic, microstructured surface. The implant surface stored in sterile saline can accelerate the formation of the contact surface between the bone and the implant and can thus provide the implant with growing, secondary stability already in the earliest phase of healing. This can reduce healing time and provide better early and immediate loading.


Ideal ICX microroughness

➟ Hydrophilic and microstructured implant surface

698 KB)" rel="nofollow" class="ddownload-link id-66701 ext-pdf">Independent test laboratory confirms superhydrophilic surface of ICX-Liquid implants (EN) (698 KB)

Increase your treatment competence with ICX-MAGELLAN X and communicate successfully with your patients.

With ICX-MAGELLAN X, the well-known ICX-Magellan software has been significantly enhanced.

Among other things, ICX-MAGELLAN X is now cloud-based and impresses with a completely new user interface, an app-based communication platform and the option to produce your own templates.

Find the ideal implant position taking into account bone quantity and quality, anatomical structures and prosthetic requirements.

ICX-MAGELLAN X is based on the latest state of digital planning in dental implantology and has been programmed for PC and Mac. A mobile version is also available for tablets (iOS) and smartphones (iOS).



With our holistic treatment concept ICX-IMPERIAL – IN A SMILEBOX, we give you as a master practitioner the opportunity to provide your patients with the highest level of care – digital, dental and final.

From the planning of the surgical guide, the implants, the abutments and the connecting materials to the dental prosthesis. Everything from a single source. Punctual and reliable.

medentis delivers the DVT planning and the drilling templates, the implants and the abutments and the finished milled provisional directly to the OR.



With CERICX for ICX-3.3 implants, medentis medical has now expanded its abutment series to include a prosthetic range specially optimized for use with intraoral scanning systems and systems for chairside fabrication of dental restorations.
In contrast to conventional treatment, impressions can be taken digitally with CERICX, which enables computer-aided design and subsequent chairside fabrication of the denture immediately afterwards.

Molar region two gingival heights
The CERICX abutment series is suitable for Cerec scan impressions and the subsequent milling of Cerec and e.max glass-ceramic crowns.

medentis expands the range of applications in the field of digital fabrication of one-piece, individual titanium and non-precious metal abutments.

Available now for the following systems:

  • medentis
  • Amann Girrbach
  • Medentika

The different holders for all common milling systems enable the appropriate, optimal and prosthetic restoration to be fabricated easily and safely.

Please note to use the intended scanbody for the respective system. For more information, please visit our website or call our telephone hotline.

The MED connection is suitable for the medentis and Sirona-Cerec® holding system.

Abutment connections provided for the respective third-party systems as well as machine-specific clamping fixtures can be used with the library provided for this purpose by the respective manufacturers.

The products/brands named with ® are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of the respective manufacturer.


NEW – ICX-MULTI®Innovative and individual – 0° TO 65° ANGULATION

Determine and select the ICX-multi
from. Use the freedom to master even complicated and difficult situations prosthetically. Increase your range of indications by using the new innovative and individual ICX-multi

These are compatible with all medentis medical BoneLevel implants in diameters of 3.75mm, 4.10mm and 4.80mm. Due to the synchronous connection of the internal geometry, you can use all ICX-multi
 Use titanium abutments with the ICX-Premium, ICX-Active Master and ICX-Zygoma implants. 0° TO 65° ANGLE Insert as usual the ICX-multi
 in O°, 17° or 35° and in the gingival heights 0.0mm, 0.5mm, 1.5mm and 3.5mm or now new and individual the ICX-multi
up to 65° angulation and in the individual gingival heights 4.5mm up to 6.0mm.
Use the freedom to master even complicated and difficult situations prosthetically. Every new ICX-multi® superstructure is created for you individually for your needs.

Order your individual ICX-multi® abutment today. Vary up to 65° in individual degrees and in gingival heights 4.5mm up to 6.0mm.

This means that 53.5°GH 4.5mm or 63.0°GH 4.5mm are now possible. Choose freely and individually.




ICX-ROYAL® – the new supreme discipline in dental technology.

All implant-supported, dental restorations are subject to particularly high stresses. Conventional, tried and tested plastic materials have been developed for tooth replacement on natural teeth.   Our
system has been specially developed from the experience of the last few years with aspects on the temporal transformation to digital implant technology.
creates the symbiosis between the traditional, modern materials and the results of the modern digital implant world.