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We are manufacturer of products for dental implantology

ICX – Opens up new horizons

This is where the dental future is being shaped – fair ICX premium implants for patients and users.

Since 2004, medentis medical GmbH has been unwaveringly on the advance with the ICX system in Germany. At that time, the idea was to offer a cost-effective implant system that everyone could afford and, as a fair brand implant, to combine the knowledge of successful implantology of the past 20 years in a single system.

Since then, medentis medical has continuously revolutionized the implant market with ICX and with a price of 79 euros, and has convinced a wide range of users around the world who appreciate the reliable quality of ICX premium implants. Today, the ICX system is one of the most successful implant systems in Germany and has advanced from being a popular implant to a real success implant.

The surgeon is the decisive success factor

Looking to the future, however, it is already clear that the decisive success factor will be less and less the implant system itself, but more and more the surgeon, because the success rates of modern, leading implant systems are only minimally influenced by technical innovations, if at all.

And that is why we are particularly proud that the extraordinary success – for 11 years now – of the medentis medical company is not only due to technical aspects, but is also based in particular on the fact that enthusiastic users such as surgeons, prosthodontists and technicians recommend ICX products to each other.


ICX dental implant system, implants:

  • ICX Premium
  • ICX Tissue Level
  • ICX-Narrow 3.3
  • ICX-SlimBoy
  • ICX-mini
  • ICX-plus

Prefabricated prosthetics:

  • ICX closure and healing caps
  • ICX Titanium abutments
  • ICX web superstructures
  • ICX solid superstructures
  • ICX ceramic abutments
  • Locator superstructures (now also angled)
  • ICX Maximus superstructures (now also angled)
  • ICX-Maximus Locator Connection
  • ICX-t-bona ball head
  • ICX-multi 4-ON-ICX and 6-ON-ICX (immediate solution for edentulous patients)


  • ICX parallel and stop drills
  • ICX drill sleeves
  • ICX-SafetyGuide (template guided drill system)
  • ICX Accessories


  • IndividualizedCAD/CAM prosthetics
  • ICX-denta5 crowns and bridges
  • ICX-denta5 titanium abutments according to fax template
  • ICX-denta5 Scanner and Software


  • Digital planning software for implantology

CERICX – Aesthetic Zirconia Abutments:

  • 0 degrees and 15 degrees – with optimized prep limit for intraoral scanning systems and Cerec scans – in three tooth shades and 5 gingiva heights

ICX-IMPERIAL – Unique and only at medentis medical

  • ICX-IMPERIAL combines digitally planned, template-guided implant placement according to the proven Malo concept (comparable to 4-ON-ICX/6-ON-ICX) with the CAD/CAM-produced ICX-SmileBridge (temporary restoration).
  • If you work with ICX-IMPERIAL, you will receive up to three drilling templates, a printed 3D model, all required implants and abutments as well as the CAD/CAM-milled ICX-Smile Bridge at your surgery appointment!

With ICX-IMPERIAL, medentis offers you the forward-looking complete system that can facilitate your daily practice routine and increase your practice profit.

In addition, you have the option of selecting the right ICX-IMPERIAL package for your patient case from seven packages: From the planning proposal for guided surgery, to the fabrication of drilling templates and models, the provision of all required materials – which can be precisely determined by the exact planning – such as implants, abutments, additional abutments, to the milled long-term temporary restoration, ICX-IMPERIAL offers you everything – at the usual fair price – free of shipping costs.

Trust medentis medical and switch to an honest, predictable and long-term price stable partner.

The ICX implants are available in diameters of 2.9 mm, 3.45 mm, 3.75 mm, 4.1 mm and 4.8 mm and in lengths of 6.5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12.5 mm and 15 mm.

Since its market approval in 2004 the
ICX Implant System
has established itself as a fair premium implant system at a stable price level for implants for standard abutments.

ICX – the dental implant system dentists trust.