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ICX-SwissBone® Hybrid bioactive bone replacement material on demand

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ICX-SwissBone® is not only available digitally but also in different grain sizes and pack sizes.

The characteristics of ICX-SwissBone®

ICX-SwissBone® is a new hybrid bioactive bone graft substitute specifically designed for bone regeneration in reconstructive surgery.

ICX-SwissBone® is produced by combining a bovine mineral bone matrix with bioactive resorbable polymers and collagen fragments.
This new concept of composite biomaterial promotes rapid growth of the patient’s cells into ICX-SwissBone® while its biopolymers are degraded, allowing perfect integration and osteogenesis.

  • promote high resilience
  • high volumetric stability (>95%); the polymers protect the bone from early resorption
  • high strength with a screw fastening
  • in the adhesion and colonization of blood cells
  • guarantee high hydrophilicity and thus enhance the chemical signalling cascade that promotes the osteogenic process

Open and coherent porosity

The microstructure of the composite matrix of ICX-SwissBone® strongly resembles human bone in terms of open and medium porosity.

ICX-SwissBone® Folder

Hybrid bioactive bone graft substitute on demand

Patient information on

ICX-SwissBone® bone replacement material

ICX-SwissBone® is best suited for:

  • Regeneration of periodontal bone defects Regeneration of extraction sockets

  • Regeneration of cavities between the alveolar wall and the immediate implants

  • Horizontal ridge augmentation

  • Sinus floor lift

  • Ridge augmentation at implant sites with sufficient residual bone and good blood supply

How to keep your ICX-SwissBone® on demander?

You plan your implants or your augmentations in the ICX-MAGELLAN X software.


Save the digitally planned bone block as an .STL file and send it by email to medentis medical: icx-swissbone(at)

Approximately 15 working days later you will receive the sterile bone graft back from medentis by UPS.


Submit STL data:

Send your .STL file directly by e-mail to:

Approximately 15 working days later you will receive the sterile bone graft back from medentis by UPS.